School Handbook

School Schedule (K-9)


A morning bell will ring at 8:40 followed by O’Canada and morning announcements. 8:45 all regular classes will begin. We will be operating on a six day cycle for both elementary and junior high.

Elementary Schedule                                  Intermediate Schedule

8:35 -8:45 Homeroom                                8:35-8:45 Homeroom

8:45-9:15 Period 1                                   8:45-9:45 Period 1

9:15-9:45 Period 2                                 9:45-10:45 Period 2

9:45-10:15 Period 3                                 10:45-11:45 Period 3

10:15-10:30 Snack                                   11:45-12:00  Lunch

10:30-11:00 Period 4                            12:00-12:25 Outside/ Break

11:00-11:30 Period 5                            12:25-1:25  Period 4

11:35-12:00 Outside/Break                      1:25-2:25 Period 5

12:00-12:25 Lunch                                   2:25 -2:45 Homeroom

12:25-12:55 Period 6                                   2:55 Dismissal Bell

12:55-1:25 Period 7

1:25-1:45 Outside/Break

1:45-2:15 Period 8

2:15-2:45 Period 9

2:55 Dismissal Bell


Milk Program

Milk Prices:

Small white - .50

Large white - .80

Small Chocolate – 1.00

Large Chocolate – 1.50

Ice cream - 1:50 (available for purchase Thursdays at lunch)


Students Phoning Home:

  • These calls should only be made for forgotten lunches or illness.
  • Phone calls by students may be allowed during breaks or at the end of the day, with their teacher’s permission.


We have the service of 4 buses that are provided to the school from the Public Schools Branch. The direct transportation director is Dave Gillis. There has been a new structure put in place for the 2020-21 school year. The direct supervisor for the King’s County area is Mike Franklin. If you have any questions or concerns in regards to busing please contact the PSB and ask for Transportation

Our four bus drivers are:

Mary O’Donnell - Bus 402 Area: Mainly the Trans Canada from Cherry Valley to Orwell Cove and many of the side roads.

Johanne Ings - Bus 444 Area: Route 3 to Murray Harbour Rd, Millview Rd, Trans Canada.

Judy McIsaac - Bus 425 Avondale, Route 3 from Murray Harbour Rd to Summerville.

Daniel Ross - Bus 431 - Glencoe, Hermitage, Kinross

If you are looking for a bus schedule for approximate times for pick up and drop off please email or call the school at 902-651-8520 or you could use the PSB routing program.

Attendance Policy and Procedure

PSB Attendance policy and procedure

Discipline Guidelines

All students are expected to be respectful at all times.

Staff may issue referral forms for listed reasons.  When a student has been given a referral form, they are expected to go to see administration right away, unless staff decides otherwise. Pink forms indicate that a disiplinary action needs to be taken an dthe Purple form indicates that a positive action needs to be rewarded.

Students with PINK referral forms will follow these steps:
    -first form:  loss of breaks for 1 day, form sent home to be signed.  Parent may be contacted, depending on severity of infraction.
    -second form:  "in-school"  for 1/2 a day to be served the day of the second slip, unless staff decides otherwise.  Parent notified immediately – by the student if possible.
    -third form:  in-school suspension (full day depending on severity of infraction), parent notified immediately.
    -fourth form:  full day in-school suspension, parent notified immediately, team meeting planned to discuss possibility of out of school suspension.
*all steps are subject to severity of infraction.

Students with PURPLE referral forms:
    -students can receive reward from issuing teacher and/or administration.
    -student should be sent to see administration after purple referral form has been issued.
    -parents may be notified, depending on the situation.

Storm Closure Info

Read the notice to parents about storm closures (PDF)

Home and School

Vernon River School takes pride in their very active Home and School Association.

Please join their Facebook page for up to date information.

Here is the most recent PEI Home and School Newsletter (PDF)

President - Miranda MacLeod


Treasurer - Devlin Bruce


School Calendar

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Dress Code

View the VCRS Dress Code (PDF)